Infant and child clinical consultations

I frequently work with babies and children in my clinic, supporting them with a variety of health issues or simply ensuring they are getting an optimum diet. Nutritional therapy can be helpful with many conditions

  • Colic and other digestive issues
  • Eczema, cradle cap and other skin conditions
  • Optimising weaning
  • Fussy eating

To find out what to expect from a clinical consultation please see here

Please contact me if you wish to discuss how I can help your baby or child. Weaning, baby, toddler health


Children’s healthy eating workshops

Helping preschool and reception children to love healthy food!

An interactive workshop run by Nourishing by Nature

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a group of children engaging with and enjoying healthy food. This is the aim of  our Nourishing Children’s Workshops designed for preschool and key stage 1 school children.  These sessions are fully interactive and can be designed with your objectives in mind.  Our aim is to get children involved in preparing and eating healthy food and in trying new flavours so they go home to their parents that evening excited and informed about how what we eat can make us healthier.

What we often discover is that children are much more likely to adventurous when they are surrounded by all their friends eating a food than at home and that they are more easily encouraged to eat healthy foods when they know how they help their bodies for example, helping their bones grow, their teeth strong, giving them energy to run and play.

These fun sessions are about teaching  the importance of healthy eating in a memorable way and in particular the health benefits of different fruit and vegetables and  how eating ‘a rainbow’ of fruit and vegetables every day is fun, healthy and tasty.   Children are provided with certificates for taking part and reward charts to take home so they keep up the good work with their families!


“The enjoyment and understanding the children get from Laila’s visit continues long after the event.  The variety of fruits and vegetables that the children are introduced to and encouraged to try means they are willing to continue experimenting.  The rainbow is a fun and easily remembered way of eating a wide selection  of healthy foods and we use it with our children when deciding what daily snacks to give them”  Barbara Leat – Broadlands Preschool Leader

 “Laila engaged all the children instantly with her warm friendly personality. She differentiated the talk so that all the children, no matter what age they were understood and had full involvement through out. She explained all about healthy eating and healthy lifestyle choices, assisting the children with cutting fruits, whilst encouraging them to describe the characteristics of each piece. Laila is a breathe of fresh air and both the children and staff adored her session”   Jemma Scarrot – Pip n Jims Preschool leader.

“It was always a struggle to get James to eat any fruit and vegetables but after Laila’s session he came home and has been making sure the whole family eat their rainbows of fruit and vegetables every day”  Mother of James, aged 4

I was surprised when Heidi said she had eaten kiwi fruit and pineapple at preschool  in a fruit salad as she normally won’t try new foods at all  Mother of Heidi, aged 3.

photo 1Preschool 'Eat a rainbow' healthy eating workshopphoto 2