Weaning and optimising baby health

Laila’s advice on how to wean Leo was invaluable if only because it gave me the peace of mind that I was doing the best I could for Leo’s health.  She helped me sort through all the conflicting information out there and not only informed me of what foods to give and when to introduce them, but with being a mother herself, how to make this easy to manage when you are at a time in life when you are time poor and exhausted.  Her recipe ideas and cooking and preparation tips were great and now I have my second baby I am still benefiting from them. Leo is now 18 months and when we meet friends I always notice that he seems to pick up less colds and bugs. I’m convinced this is because he seems to eat a wider variety of foods compared to other children his age and is getting all the nutrients he needs.

E.S.,  London

Reducing cardiovascular disease risk, weight loss and increasing vitality

I have various health problems and take various medications so I was keen to speak to someone who could help support my body in coping with all the stress it was under and the drugs it has to deal with. With cardiovascular disease in my family I was also keen to lose weight.  Laila was very relaxed and easy to talk to and clearly explained how the food I was eating was affecting my health in both the short-term and long-term. She gave me loads of great advice and help with improving my diet and recommended going to my GP for several tests which I would never have thought of myself. I started to lose weight and felt much better than I had in years.

K.H., London


Optimising fertility

Having been trying for a baby for 3 years and just having had one failed round of IVF, I was feeling very low and stressed. Speaking to Laila gave me hope that there was much I could still do to improve my chances of making IVF successful. She was a wealth of information, very thorough and as well as giving me supplement and nutritional advice she also advised me other therapies which could help me. I am now lucky enough to have a happy and healthy little boy.

K.B., Devon


Weight loss, healing digestive problems and improving energy

Coping with a poor sleeping 9 month old left me with no energy or motivation to sort out my diet which was the worst it had been in years. My digestion was all over the place and I was struggling to lose my baby weight. Laila helped me work out whether food intolerances were affecting how I felt and worked with me to create an eating plan which challenged many of my old views on what made a healthy diet. It was also easy to maintain with no time and a fussy eater as a husband.  Laila was non-judgemental, patient and empathetic when I slipped up, and always happy to help even after our consultation.  She also understood that I didn’t want to take supplements. I was surprised that the simple changes I made had a dramatic difference so quickly. My digestion sorted itself out within a week, I had more energy than I had in months and felt much more like I did before I got pregnant. I even got back into my pre-pregnancy jeans!

K.P., London


Menopause and healing digestive issues

At 49 I was beginning to get various menopausal symptoms including hot flushes , fatigue, mood swings and stress.  I was also having trouble with my digestion which was really getting me down.  Laila gave me loads of practical and useful advice, including meal plans, not just what to eat but how to eat and some great, simple ways to relax. The kitchen audit was great as I was able to see how many of foods I had in my cupboards and fridge were not helping me and learnt what to replace them with. I was impressed by Laila’s medical and supplement knowledge and she helpfully explained why picking up vitamins from the supermarket wasn’t the best idea. After a month or so I was feeling like a different person and much more in control.

D.S. Worcestershire

Improving immunity,  skin health and the ability to cope with stress

Before I saw Laila I was a bit nervous she was just going to tell me to stop eating everything I loved and make me eat lentils and salad every day. Instead I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the dietary changes she gave me were very easy to make. I am an acupuncturist so look after myself pretty well but Laila helped me see that what I was eating was making my tiredness and stress from studying and working long hours worse. I was also surprised that we didn’t just work on the diet and that Laila was keen to get to the bottom of my long-term immunity problems. After having some tests, making small changes to my diet and taking supplements my respiratory symptoms were better than they had been in 15 years and as an added bonus my skin looked fantastic.

M.B., London