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Advice on preventing obesity in Gloucesterhire

Article: ‘Hospital admissions due to obesity in Gloucestershire DOUBLE in a year’

Gloucestershire Echo Live March 2017

Advice on reducing sugar and obesity

Article: ‘Britain to face biggest health crisis if we don’t cut down on sugar, warns Cheltenham nutritionist”

Gloucestershire Echo Live January 2017

Advice on Summer Eating

Article: ‘Will you be a healthy eating saint or sinner this summer?’

The Mirror June 2015

Advice on daily health tips

Article: ‘Better by the minute’

Women’s weekly July 2014

Advice on dieting

Advice on natural remedies

Article: ‘How the experts keep healthy’

Women’s Weekly March 2014

Advice on dieting

Article: ‘The 7 deadly diet sinners’

The Mirror March 2014

Advice on improving wellbeing

Article: ’30 ways to boost your wellbeing’

The Express: December 2013

Advice on making food choices

Article: ‘Food fight!’

Essentials Magazine November 2013

Advice on what to and what not to eat

Article: ‘Revealed! The top secrets of the health experts’

The Mirror July 2013

Advice on pregnancy and postnatal care

Article: ‘Your health as a new mum’

NHS: My Health London – June  2013


Advice on health tips

Article: ‘Revealed! The top secrets of the health experts’

NHS: My Health London – June  2013

Advice on food allergies and intolerances

Article: ‘What should you cut from your diet?’

Essentials Magazine June 2013

Nutritional Therapy in the Cotswolds and Gloucestershire

Article: ‘Food for Thought’ – Cotswold Preview – May 2013



Recommended Nutritional Therapists in Gloucestershire

WDDTY Magazine – May 2013

Featured therapists_WDDTYmay13


Advice on eating chocolate the healthy way

Article: ‘You can eat the Easter egg . . it’s good for you!”

The Daily Mirror – 26th March  2013


Advice on healthy eating in pregnancy

Article: ”Your best body” Look Magazine, 27th February 2013

Look Magazine February 2013 – pregnancy

Advice on healthy eating and dieting

Article: ’10 Health Mistakes Even Smart Women Make”

The Daily Mirror – 19th February  2013


Advice on a healthy breakfast and things to avoid

Article: ‘Secrets of the health pros’

Bella Feb 2013 F

Advice on fat loss and improving body composition

Article: ‘The Real Reason’s You’re Not Loosing Weight’

The Daily Express -Monday February 11th 2013 

Advice on kicking the sugar habit

Article: ”Are you addicted to sugar?’

Essentials Magazine Jan 2013

Advice on reducing stomach bloating and discomfort

Article: ‘How to beat the bloat: 10 ways to a flatter stomach after overindulging at Christmas’

The Daily Mirror – Tuesday January 1st  2013


Advice on how to get your 5 a day

Article: ‘The Truth About Your 5 a Day’

Bella Magazine Oct 2012

Advice on fat loss and sticking to healthy eating during the summer

Article: ‘Do you get caught in the summer diet trap?’

The Daily Express – Thursday July 12th 2012